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We like to compare the accounting function to keeping score.  You may know the final score of a baseball game, but if you want to know how it came about you might look at the box score in the newspaper.  The same can be said of accounting.  You can see how much money is left in the company checking account, but to better understand how it got that way you must look at the financial statements.  Usually one will look at the Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet and perhaps a cash flow statement.  We help many companies compile and interpret these statements every day.  Our staff provides these services to aid in the accounting function:

  • Telephone and on site support of Peachtree and QuickBooks Accounting Software 
  • On site or in office compilation of Financial Statements on a regular interim basis, Monthly or Quarterly 
  • Assistance with daily bookkeeping entries

Every decision you make is based on your perception of the financial health of your company.  Make sure you are using the most current information when making those decisions, contact us today.

Certified Public Accountants