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When you need accounting services, call The Accounting Dept.

We come to you!

Anyone knows there are literally thousands of CPA's and hundreds of CPA firms to choose from in Ohio. To differentiate oneself from the rest requires one to offer a service or possess special skills that the others do not. In our case we separate from the others by offering on site accounting services for clients using QuickBooks or Peachtree accounting software.

On a monthly or quarterly basis we come to you and help you "close the books" for that period and produce reliable financial statements right on the spot. We find our clients prefer this over submitting all their documents to their accountant who, in turn, re-enters all the data into their accounting system, then sends out financial statements at some future date.

We are on site so you can see the work we are doing and the time it takes to do it. This enables us to answer any questions you may have relating to accounting, tax or business in general.

Our clients like this very much. They also appreciate the fact we have experience ourselves in the accounting function of businesses and make ourselves available to help solve problems which crop up everyday.

Certified Public Accountants